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Planet Aerospace, founded in 2016, consists of over eighty (and increasing) erstwhile Scientists, Engineers and Administrators of ISRO, with decades of experience in designing, building, testing and operating spacecraft for Earth Observation, Communications, Space Science and Inter-Planetary missions. Our intent is to assist next generation of Space enthusiasts to take up the challenge of developing new and innovative technologies in the rapidly expanding aerospace market through knowledge sharing and consultancy.



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Mr. L.S.Satyamurthy: After his B.E. (Electronics & Communication), worked at Directorate of Quality Assurance, Ministry of Defence during 1968-'74. From 1974 to 2008 he was with ISRO and held several positions such as Group Director, System Reliability Group, ISRO Satellite Centre; Director Business Development, Antrix Corporation, Dept of Space; Program Director Telemedicine, ISRO HQ etc. He was also Scientific Diplomat Counselor, Space Technology, ITLU, Washington DC, USA during 1993 -'98. During 2011-'12 he was consultant for Asia Broadcasting Corporation for Satcom services. He is the current President of Telemedicine Society of India.

Mr. M.Venkata Rao: After his M.Sc (Tech) in Applied Physics and experience of working in development of Electro-optical systems, joined ISRO Satellite Centre, Bengaluru in 1983. He progressively grew from being a Systems Engineer to Project Director of OCEANSAT-2 and RESOURCESAT-2 projects. In between, he was Dy. Project Director for IRS-1D and RESOURCESAT-1 projects as well as Head, IRS Programme Management Office. He specialises in Applied Optics, Configuration Management, Space and Ground Segment Elements, Electro-optical sensors, Payloads and Satellite mainframe systems.

Mr. C.S.Prasad: Began his career as Propulsion Engineer at Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, ISRO in 1973 after earning his M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from IIT-Madras. He is experienced in product design, R & D and project management, having worked in the areas of developing 4th stage of PSLV and propulsion systems for ISRO's Remote Sensing and Communication Satellites. He retired as Chief General Manager, Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre, ISRO. Subsequently, he worked for Honeywell Aerospace as Director, Mechanical Engineering where he led teams supporting design of aircraft propulsion engines. He holds a Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

Mr. B.R.Ananda Murthy: Joined ISRO Satellite Centre, Bengaluru in 1974 after his B.E. (Mechanical Engg.) and worked in the areas of structural design, fabrication and testing. He was Project Manager of ISRO satellites ANURADHA (3SAN21), IRS P2/P3/P4 and Dy. Project Director (Str) for IRS-P6, RESOURCESAT-2 & 2R. He also facilitated fabrication and testing of the NTU Satellite, Singapore. He specialises in Structural Testing, Experimental Stress Analysis, Structural Fabrication, System Engineering and Project Management for Satellite projects.

Mr. M.V.Kannan: Was associated with ISRO from its first satellite Aryabhata to Chandrayaan-1, working in the domain of Aerospace structures, spacecraft systems and project management. He was Programme Manager (Structures & Mechanisms) for SROSS 1 & 2 projects, Deputy Project Director (Structures) for SROSS C and C-2, INSAT3B and GSAT-1 projects. He was involved in planning, scheduling and monitoring INSAT-4B, INSAT-4C, INSAT-4CR and Human Space Flight Programmes. He holds B.Sc (Maths) and DMIT (Aeronautics) degrees and has two patents to his

Mr. M.S.Srinivasan: Mr. M.S.Srinivasan: Did his B.E. in electronics engineering from UVCE, Bengaluru and joined the U R Rao Satellite Centre in 1985. He is specialised in design and operation of Electrical Power Systems for satellites. He made significant contributions in configuring and delivering power management systems for all ISRO satellites from nano (few Watts) to high power LEO remote sensing (3kW) and GEO communication satellites (15kW). As Group Director of Power Systems Group, he led teams involved in the design, fabrication and testing of different types of batteries for space missions, onboard power system health monitoring and management of various LEO and GEO satellites as well as the deep space missions Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan.

Mr. R.K.Rajangam: Is the Founder and first President of Planet Aerospace. Experienced in design and engineering of electronics systems for satellites, conceptual design, feasibility studies, equipment specification, technical evaluation of vendor proposals and documents, preparation of engineering standards, technology development and satellite engineering management. He joined ISRO in 1972 after his B.Sc from Madras University and B.Tech from IIT-Madras. Held progressively increasing responsibilities within ISRO and led IRS-1D, INSAT-3A/3C and INSAT-4B projects as their Project Director.

Dr. S.Rangarajan: Dr. S.Rangarajan is a satellite industry veteran with 40+ years of experience in successive leadership roles in the public and private sectors. He held important executive positions in ISRO and has contributed significantly in system studies and design, mission planning, satellite control and anomaly resolution. As a Senior Vice President in WorldSpace Dr. Rangarajan successfully adapted the satellite radio infrastructure to design diverse solutions for data multicasting, distance education and early warning delivery post 2004 tsunami. As the CTO of Yazmi USA LLC, he created the first-ever tablet with an integrated satellite reception for uniform and ubiquitous education delivery. His education includes a Ph.D. from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai and Masters from IIT, Madras.

Mr. K.Velayudhan: Mr.K.Velaudhan joined APPLE Project's Core Administration Team in January 1977 and supported the Project Director and core team in all aspects of administration and purchase functions. At the conclusion of APPLE Project, he moved to Finance/Accounts area, and progressed to become to Senior Head, Accounts/Infernal Financial Adviser and served at several ISRO centres as well as head quarters. He has an overall experience of over 38 years in the areas of Administration, Purchase and Accounts.

Mr. Ranganath Ekkundi: Joined ISRO Satellite Centre in 1976 after his B.E. (Electronics) and made significant contributions in the area of Spacecraft Power Systems. Played a key role in the development of Power Systems for the first Indian telecommunication satellite APPLE and first Indian remote sensing satellite IRS 1A. He had a lead role in concept through successful in orbit performance of Power Systems of Chandrayaan & Mars Orbiter Mission. Held various positions as Project Manager, Deputy Project Director and Associate Project Director for various projects of ISRO and served as Group Director (Power Systems) and as Outstanding Scientist and Deputy Director (Communications & Power Area) at ISRO Satellite Centre.

Mr. A.A.Bokil: More than three decades of experience in Space Technology and its applications right from India’s first satellite ARYABHATA. He started his career in Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) with Rocket Payload experiment onboard Centaur and Nike Apache rockets. His areas of specialization include Assembly, Integration & Testing (AIT) of spacecraft, Spacecraft Configuration & Management, System Engineering, Subsystem and system level tests, Project Management, Vendor evaluation in AIT systems and infrastructure.

Planet Aerospace has published a book on Nano satellite Technology authored by former ISRO Scientists. It is available through Notion Press, AMAZON,Flipkart and so on.

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