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We focus on

  • Design and management of small satellites/ Nano Satellites for universities/ educational institutions.
  • Providing assistance in establishing satellite control Earth Stations and tracking of Spacecraft.
  • Doppler Radars
  • Product Assurance and Test & Evaluation of Aerospace Systems and Certification.
  • Design and conduct training courses in Space Technology, Materials Technology, Satellite Tracking, Mission Operation and Maintenance.
  • Project Management,System Engineering
  • Project proposals and implementation strategy Interaction with various universities in designing small satellites and tracking stations, conducting workshop and seminars on cutting edge technologies and application of spacetechnology in civilian use.
  • Material Technology and Process Development
    Evaluation of project proposals and participate in reviews
  • Providing expertise in publication of, books journals and in house magazine.
  • Failure mode Analysis, reliability determination of products and systems.
  • Collaborate with various space agencies and space industries on cooperative basis.
    Any other specific area of interest.
  • Third party evaluation of vendors, products, systems and certification.Training administrative personnel on computer operation, financial services, procurement and material management.

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space1x1 (1K)